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Children’s Dentistry Services

Our youngest patients are some of our most treasured.  Starting good dental habits young helps set children up for good dental health in the future.

In dental terms, children are different from adults in many ways.  They have fewer teeth that are chemically different to adult teeth.  Their teeth tend to decay more quickly than adult teeth and need a unique type of care to keep them healthy.

Although ‘baby teeth’ are eventually lost naturally as the adult teeth come through, they still perform an important role in guiding the adult teeth into position and to ensure that healthy development occurs.

Early detection of growth and development problems in children can also assist in making future orthodontic treatment easier, or perhaps avoided all together.

Introducing children to the dentist early is a great way to ‘normalise’ dental visits and reduce the likelihood of them developing a fear of the dentist as an adult.  Even bringing your child to your own maintenance visit so they can ‘ride’ in the dental chair and meet the dental team is a great way to introduce them to the dental world.

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