General Dentistry

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General Dentistry Services

The term General dentistry involves the general routine dental maintenance we all require to maintain healthy teeth and supporting structures. Achieving healthy teeth is a lifetime commitment of care

This involves:

  • Regular dental check-ups to identify early signs of decay and dental diseases
  • Careful examination of gums, tooth (periodontal) ligaments and the bone that support our teeth.
  • Removal of calcified bacterial build up (calculus) that can lead to dental decay and gum disease.
  • Screening for oral cancers.
  • Screening for developmental problems that may cause crowding, functional or aesthetic problems in the future.
  • Checking for pathology in jaw joints, airway problems.
  • Teaching good and effective oral hygiene practices (especially for our younger patients) which includes brushing properly, flossing, drinking enough water, having a healthy diet with regular visits to the dentist.

And a lot more….

General dentistry is the starting point to ensure that teeth and supporting structures are kept as healthy as possible, and small problems are detected early so that bigger ones can be avoided.

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