Home Care during COVID-19 Shutdown

Video about Home Dental care

Dental home care is one of the key determinants of good dental health, arguably more important than the dental personnel that treat you! During this COVID-19 shutdown, practicing good dental hygiene is more important than ever. This video discussed the importance of twice daily toothbrushing, the benefits of electric tooth brushes and fluoridated toothpastes, the role of flossing in preventing decay and gum disease, as well as the supplementary role of different mouthwashes as an adjunct to brushing and flossing, and the role of good diet in maintaining good dental health.

‘The best dentist you’ll ever have is yourself’, good habits at home will set you up for success in the dental chair. Access to routine dental care has been restricted due to the COVID shutdown. Good home hygiene will help prevent or limit the spread of dental disease, so that things will be easier to manage once clinics return to normal operation.